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WhAT we do

DoktorB is a seasoned expert in digital transformation and resiliency, business innovation and helping you achieving a growth momentum.
She focuses on you - and your team is her team. Her way of working is an inclusive one, spiced with passion and openness.
She does not waste your time nor energy, in fact she dedicates her energy and time to the ones that want to move on and grow.

digital transformation

DoktorB focuses on the essential, helps you remove the clutter, so that your strategic USP transforms into a profitable business.

business development

With DoktorB's Magic Formula - rooted in NeuroAesthetics, Ecosystems Modeling and more - you receive the concept to grow with the highest impact.

business resilience

DoktorB measures your business resilience, e.g. in technology, products, innovation, data, structures and more.

connected services

With DoktorB you expand, replace or re-invent a costly, outdated or simply unavailable product with digital services.

Why choose us for your training needs

DoktorB focuses on hands-on training, coaching the HOW, WHY and WHAT, so that you are empowered to establish a solid business foundation.
She has a strong sense of addressing you and your team in the right manner.
Her sense of change and trends is well recognized in the market. She applies her findings where needed and supportive for your objectives.

Creative Design

DoktorB trains and mentors with a creative mind. She applies cognitive science elements and help you focus on your core.

the human factor

DoktorB works for you, with your role, culture and your goals in mind. You benefit from her distinct leadership & diversity projects.


DoktorB offers 3 formats: advisory, mentoring and eLearning. All targeted to help you execute and benefit.

Better protect yourself, your job, and your business

The online course OPCYBRES© by DoktorB supports the implementation of the goals of the Austrian Safety and Cyber Security Initiative ÖSCS 2021 and thus contributes to an increase in the overall national resilience against threats from cyberspace.

- Press Office of the Austrian Federal Chancellery

Kill the risks of being hacked,
Save money, stay in business

How well are you prepared to protect you and your business? OPCYBRES© trainings from DoktorB make your business 7-times stronger.

- Robert Redl, Voice e.V., ICT Expert, Austria

Tailor Made Courses

OPCYBRES© = Operations Power through Cyber Resilience

Course Access (German Version)

OPCYBRES© = Operations Power through Cyber Resilience

Resilience for people, product and purpose

It's time to access DoktorB's knowhow and real business experience outside the consulting projects. I feel empowered to get back to my team of managers and implement the actions. I highly recommend Mobility Moves Minds.

- Sandra, UBS Switzerland

Sandra got so excited about the 7 pillars of resiliency that she booked DoktorB for her executive and manager team meetings.

- DoktorB

transform wisely:
make Your business even more resilient



Mobility Moves Minds is available in Deutsch and English.
And available in all great Online and Print Bookstores.

Title: Mobility Moves Minds - build and grow again as a business
Editor-in-Chief and Author: Dr. Barbara Fluegge
Published at: Dean Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-925452-36-5
1st Edition June 2021
Language: English

Special: The Curiosity Edition - why businesses need your resilience to transform
Publisher: FLUEGGE Publishing
ISBN: 978-3-906735-53-5
1st Edition March 2022
Language: English
Check the exclusive website: HTTPS:://


mediA PACKAGE FOR mobility moves minds

Take a look at our publication series. DoktorB is a longseller and trendsetter.

We are serving 300.000 and more executives, leaders, projects, teams, and learners around the globe.
Our core themes are leadership, mobility, agility, resiliency, innovation and digital transformation.

We are proud of serving you with our knowledge and experience. As our community is growing stronger, their business is growing stronger, too. As of 07/2023 we served with the second German edition of Smart Mobility alone, released in 2020, more than 83.000 entities. A rise of 30.000 entities from 2022 to 2023.

We are where you are and we deliver: We guide more than 300.000 executives, business experts and longlife learners around the globe through.