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Mobility Moves Minds introduces MONIKA HERBSTRITH-LAPPE 

MAG.A MONIKA Herbstrith-Lappe

Originally philosophical- epistemological mathematician und physicist, now  multiple award-winning keynote speaker and top trainer, high performance coach und management consultant, author of several books & blogger, enthusiastic diver;  Facilitator of profound connections at the junctures of hard facts with soft skills.

Ursprünglich philosophisch-erkenntnistheoretische Mathematikerin und Physikerin,  jetzt vielfach ausgezeichnete Keynote Speakerin und Top-Trainerin, High  Performance Coach und Management Consultant, Autorin mehrerer Bücher und  Bloggerin, begeisterte Taucherin,  Vermittlerin tiefgründiger Zusammenhänge an den Verbindungsstellen von Hard  Facts mit Soft Skills.

Meet Monika in Zurich and Vienna in October to learn about the souvereignty concept

and help generating jobs & homes

MOBILITY MOVES MINDS has been initiated by Dr. Barbara Flügge and digital value creators (DVC) to discover our drives, our motifs, the challenges what makes us fail and what makes us stay strong and even grow stronger. 
So that we as leaders and experts, strategists and business designers are able to build and grow again our businesses - to be able to generate jobs and homes for the homeless.

Dr. Barbara herself had to deal with a painful disruption in 2018. After talking to Andrew Funk, president of Homeless Entrepreneur #HE she decided to dedicate her expertise, energy and time to start a resilience study. Mobility Moves Minds was born. With every book purchase you support the NGO Homeless Entrepreneur. 1/5 of the profit goes to #HE.

About the Book - Weshalb Sie Ihre Einstellung überdenken werden

Das Buch ist beides, Leselektüre und Studium. Anschaulich schildert es 17 Lebens- und Businesseinstellungen, stellt einen fast vergessenen Superorganismus vor und vieles mehr. Es erarbeitet Ihnen den Weg in die unternehmerische Resilienz, nutzt die Flughöhe der Unternehmenslenker und kommt wieder auf den Boden der Tatsachen zurück - damit Sie bereits während des Lesens anfangen können, als Unternehmen zu wachsen.

The book is both reading and study material: it vividly portrays 17 life and business attitudes, introduces a forgotten superorganism and more. It works out your path to entrepreneurial resilience, uses the flight altitude of corporate leaders and comes back down to earth - so that even as you read, you can begin to grow as a business.

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Build your growth muscle. It is your turn and not the technology. Determine why, what and how to transform products into services. Mingle expertise & talent, distinguish real from visionary, manage digital & practical, drive by purpose for people. Be more effective and share the programs with clients and partners in any market & geography.

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Premium tools, trend scouting, appetizers, and deployment procedures brought to you live, onsite, and online. You win back time, energy and trust. The Flying Diver from above represents you: ready to dive up and take the chances, to respond to strategic and situational needs. The MMM R-Tool be your scale and anchor in shaky times.

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The MMM team helps you exchange openly with clients, suppliers, and influencers. digital value creators (DVC) gives you access to a local and global premium network. Sales efforts turn into communication roundtables. Each and every step is dedicated to you so that you scale and grow in ecosystems and collaborate with practitioners.