build and grow again as a business

Grow again wherever you are - Build the resilience you need
October 1, 2021 

"Intuitiveness leading to intention"
Dr. Barbara made that statement in the WomenH2H event being asked about the uniqueness of being a female leader.

Intuitiveness is a gift that we all - them, you, s/he - have. It resides in us. 
When we remember the little moments that we encountered on the way to a meeting and that made us turn left instead of right and we ended up suddenly in a beautiful arranged little park. And it helped us to move away from a conflict.
When we turn back into an encountering with an expert at the edge of a business event while already being about to leave the event - a small detail caught our eyes and we stayed.
One of these moments happened to you? Then you moved your mind. Then you sensed the intention. 
Build the resilience you need
Mobility Moves Minds is dedicated to the ones who ingeniously encounter the beauty  of resisting to feed an everchanging world with humanity,  soul, intellect, creativity so that everyone is equally treated  physically, digitally, and mentally.
Quote from Andrew Funk, #HomelessEntrepreneur in Chapter 14:
"On an individual level when being homeless, I used my network, my community...When you lose something and you have to  be more resilient, you have to utilize what you have and optimize it.
Zitat aus Kapitel 14 von Andrew Funk, #HomelessEntrepreneur:
"Auf individueller Ebene, als ich obdachlos war, nutzte ich mein Netzwerk, meine Gemeinschaft. Um widerstandsfähiger zu sein, muss man das nutzen, was man hat,  und es optimieren."

Grow again wherever you are - Build the resilience you need
September 1, 2021 

Grow again wherever you are
online, alone, together, in Europe, Africa, North and South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, in the orbit and elsewhere

Build the resilience you need
Mobility Moves Minds is dedicated to the ones who ingeniously encounter the beauty  of resisting to feed an everchanging world with humanity,  soul, intellect, creativity so that everyone is equally treated  physically, digitally, and mentally.
Quote from "Resilience, the fixed star in challenging  times" in conversation with Lea Beck - Key Takeaways 35 and 36:
"Anticipation is the success factor of a consultant, asking for agility and the ability to turn things around. Missing physical mobility is compensated accordingly if we are able to socially interact and reflect, if we are able to experiment and handover responsibility to the team."
Zitat aus "Resilienz als Fixstern in turbulenten Zeiten" im Gespräch mit Lea Beck - Kernbotschaften 35 und 36:
"Antizipation ist der Erfolgsfaktor eines Beraters, welcher Agilität und die Fähigkeit, Dinge zu wenden, einfordert. Fehlende unternehmerische physische Mobilität wird dann kompensiert, wenn man sozial interagieren und reflektieren kann, wenn man in der Lage ist, zu experimentieren und Verantwortung an das Team abzugeben."

... ... read more in the June & August 2021 published editions:  English (yellow) und Deutsch (rot)

Mobility Moves Minds 
. 99 Key Takeaways
. 17 Life Stories
. 7 Resilience Expert Point of Views
. 1 Groundbreaking Vision of Mobility: physical, digital, mental
. 1 Resilience Management Tool for businesses and your personal mobility

Bonus material included
. Access to free digital interactive version
. Access to free videos and interviews
. Access to free downloadable canvas sheets

Incorporated in the book is a social business model 
. 20% of the profit goes to #HomelessEntrepreneur 

build and grow again as a business
It is time that you take advantage of the chances ahead of you 

Cordial greetings from the author and co-authors

1st Global Relevance Edition
Started in 2018 and published in 2021
build and grow again as a business

. Key Takeaways - Life Stories - Resilience insights
. Groundbreaking Mobility Vision: physical digital mental

. Business & Personal Resilience Management Tool for self-paced and guided training

by Dr. Barbara Flügge and 20 contributors

Deutsche Ausgabe

340 Seiten - 15 x 23 cm - Premium Softcover

Farbige Illustrationen und Visuelle Bildsprache

1. Auflage 2021

€ (Direkt) 25,00

ISBN 978-1-925-45236-5

Dean Publishing - Fluegge Edition Global Relevance

English Edition

326 pages - 15 x 23 cm - Premium Softcover

Color Illustrations and Visual Design Code

1st edition 2021

€ (Direct) 25,00

ISBN 978-1-925-45235-8 

Dean Publishing - Fluegge Edition Global Relevance

 "Das Beeindruckendste an dem Buch Mobility Moves Minds ist aus meiner Sicht, dass es eine sehr überzeugende Verbindung zwischen den Bereichen der physischen Mobilität, der Notwendigkeit des Aufbaus nachhaltigerer Unternehmen und der geistigen Mobilität und dem Verhalten der Menschen herstellt. Mobilität bedeutet ..." read more

Prof. Dr. oec. habil. Lehrstuhl der Kommunikationswissenschaften der TU Dresden

Get ready to catch your chances in a hyper-sensitive world!

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Learn from the Mobility Moves Minds team

  • 99 Key Takeaways for instant use 
  • 17 Life Stories of business entrepreneurs, startups, corporate life members, innovators, and decision makers 
  • 7 Resilience Expert Point of Views about the resilient individual, organization, team, product, service, and space 
  • 1 Groundbreaking Vision of the new and integrated mobility: the triad of physical, digital, and mental mobility
  • 1 Unique Resilience Management Tool for businesses and your personal mobility so that businesses can evaluate their strategic, operational, and market resilience and identify where to start and how, so that decisions are based on the key relevant transformation fields and lead to deployment. The ease-of-use is outlined in the book, so that decision makers and takers start right away to foster change and growth.
  • Incorporated in the book is a social business model: a 20% of the profit goes to #HomelessEntrepreneur to foster job and digital competence growth opportunities for homeless experts, homeless individuals and their families that suffer, too.

A key essential resilience study and creative master plan that accompanies executives, value creators, transformation experts and individuals to build and grow their 21st century business with mind-opening, creative, practical and strategic guidance and self-study tools. 

Mobility Moves Minds worked with the
most creative-resilient individuals and organizations around the globe

to prepare the stage for you

Every week we are featuring our contributors. Come in and get to know them.

Mobility Moves Minds introduces FRANZISKA HOCHULI 


Franziska Hochuli is the founder and CEO of Works Graphic Design. Franziska  is a passionate graphic designer. She finds inspiration for design in (almost)  everything. Only when the message sticks with the target group, she sees her task being completed. Whether logo, brochure or labeling, web structure, screen design or  print - Works Graphic Design is a small office with high standards.

Franziska Hochuli ist Gründerin und CEO von Works Graphic Design. Franziska ist eine leidenschaftliche Grafikerin. Inspiration für Gestaltung findet sie in (fast) allem. Erst wenn die Botschaft bei der Zielgruppe haften bleibt, sieht sie ihre Aufgabe erfüllt. Ob Logo, Broschüre oder Kennzeichnung, Webstruktur, Screendesign oder Print – Works Graphic Design ist ein kleines Büro mit hohem Anspruch. 

Mobility Moves Minds introduces MICHAEL KLIEN 


Michael Klien is the founder and CEO of SafeSide. Michael  is a passionate entrepreneur. Michael and Dr. Barbara exchange over the course of the book the element of solidarity and the security and safety expectations we as human beings as well as company owners and management apply when it comes to incidents, unwanted situations, business challenges, and our own expectations.

Michael Klien ist Gründer und CEO von SafeSide. Michael ist Entrepreneur mit vollem Herzen. Michael und Barbara sprechen über das Element der Solidarität aus diversen Sichten von Mobility Moves Minds. Michael erläutert die Entstehungsgeschichte der Versicherung und wie sich unsere Erwartungshaltung an Sicherheit ausprägt - je nachdem, ob wir dies als Individueen oder als Teil eines Unternehmens oder Management und Unternehmenslenker*in betrachten.

Mobility Moves Minds introduces MARCO WIEDEMEIER 

MARCO Wiedemeier

Marco Wiedemeier is the founder and CEO of csm services wiedemeier. Marco, the generalist, shares in Mobility Moves Minds the element of constructional resiliency and his experience as back office manager in the Swiss housing and construction market. His role in the backoffice management is a connecting one that bridges the expectations of top management and staff.

Marco Wiedemeier ist der Gründer und CEO von csm services wiedemeier. Marco ist der Generalist. In seinem Gespräch mit Dr. Barbara geht es um die Rolle der Resilienz in Verbindung mit Bauvorhaben und insbesondere im Rückbau von Altlasten. Seine Aufgaben im Backoffice Management laden ein, sich über die Rolle von Generalisten Gedanken zu machen, ob und wie sie als Bindeglied zwischen Top-Management und Belegschaft fungieren.

and help generating jobs & homes

MOBILITY MOVES MINDS has been initiated by Dr. Barbara Flügge and digital value creators (DVC) to discover our drives, our motifs, the challenges what makes us fail and what makes us stay strong and even grow stronger. 
So that we as leaders and experts, strategists and business designers are able to build and grow again our businesses - to be able to generate jobs and homes for the homeless.

Dr. Barbara herself had to deal with a painful disruption in 2018. After talking to Andrew Funk, president of Homeless Entrepreneur #HE she decided to dedicate her expertise, energy and time to start a resilience study. Mobility Moves Minds was born. With every book purchase you support the NGO Homeless Entrepreneur. 1/5 of the profit goes to #HE.

About the Book - Weshalb Sie Ihre Einstellung überdenken werden

Das Buch ist beides, Leselektüre und Studium. Anschaulich schildert es 17 Lebens- und Businesseinstellungen, stellt in der Expertenrunde einen fast vergessenen Superorganismus vor. Sie nutzen den Masterplan zur persönlichen und unternehmerischen Resilienz, nutzen die Flughöhe der Unternehmenslenker und kommen wieder auf den Boden der Tatsachen zurück - damit Sie bereits während des Lesens anfangen, Ihr Unternehmen wachsen zu lassen.

The book is both reading and study material: it vividly portrays 17 life and business attitudes, introduces in the round of 7 epxerts a nearly forgotten superorganism. You apply the masterplan to individual and entrepreneurial resilience, approach it from the flight altitude of corporate leaders and come back down to earth - so that even as you read, you can begin to grow again your business.

Transform into a digital value creator and lead your business in racing speed and follow the 3 core principles to race the world

Build Your Growth Muscle

Build your growth muscle. It is your turn and not the technology. Determine why, what and how to transform products into services. Mingle expertise & talent, distinguish real from visionary, manage digital & practical, drive by purpose for people. Be more effective and share the programs with clients and partners in any market & geography.

Focus on Your Purpose

Premium tools, trend scouting, appetizers, and deployment procedures brought to you live, onsite, and online. You win back time, energy and trust. The Flying Diver from above represents you: ready to dive up and take the chances, to respond to strategic and situational needs. The MMM R-Tool be your scale and anchor in shaky times.

Expand and Share

The MMM team helps you exchange openly with clients, suppliers, and influencers. digital value creators (DVC) gives you access to a local and global premium network. Sales efforts turn into communication roundtables. Each and every step is dedicated to you so that you scale and grow in ecosystems and collaborate with practitioners.