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What is the most wanted result in comedy? Your smile!
And in business? Recurring revenues. So, you are busy, hurrying from one place to the next, in the evening you ask 'what revenues will be in for me?'

Guess what? Little. Because you will not scale from yet another Zoom or PPT show where you don't count. Think & Act is engaging, fun and transforming knowledge & insights that Dr. Barbara and her colleagues prepared for you.

Dr. Barbara Flügge
Mobility Moves Minds Lead
build and grow again as a business

Get your share at the Think & Act Tour

Mobility Moves Minds will be going on tour throughout 2021.
Getting to know you where you are most comfortable with.
Check out the tour dates. And smile again.

Podcast Series - Our Contributors share their story
Our Community is slowly but growly (ing :-))

August / September 2021 Vienna

Vienna wir kommen - unser Executive Roundtable erwartet Sie.
Mehr Ende August 2021

DVC Growth & Wachstum is ranked Top 10 in Apple Podcast in BUSINESS in Switzerland and 76 in MANAGEMENT in Switzerland

DVC Growth & Wachstum made it to Top 10 in BUSINESS category in Switzerland and ranked 76 in Management

Clubhouse Live
Dr. Barbara will be on air #Clubhouse live - stay tuned

Mobility Moves Minds Live
Dr. Barbara and the band will be on air soon in a great environment - you like to know more about it? Contact us here

Mobility Moves Minds Unscripted

Stay tuned for the first week of August: 
meet Barbara Fluegge and MOBILITY MOVES MINDS
at the Unscripted session by Shelley Zalis 


Resilienz Workshop 12. Oktober  in Wien
Resilienz Workshop 18. November in Zürich
Can't Wait?

Get the book in the cool softcover and highly illustrated format.
The Interactive Book Version follows soon.
Practice your English and get the German

Contact us to book your Resilienz Zmorge inhouse and experience the successful unique setting - the contact form opens here

Sie möchten Ihr spezielles Resilienz Zmorge veranstalten? Sie erreichen uns direkt für die individuelle Planung - zum kostenlosen Vorgespräch: hier

29. July 2021 Graz

TechHouse IO (Link) invited Dr. Barbara to conduct an INSPIRATIONAL TALK for the startup and business community before kicking of the pitch trainings and reviews. The Mobility Moves Minds movement is all about engaging and empowering innovators and entrepreneurs to grow uniquely. Invitations upon request.
Startup teams & Enterprise Coaches & Evangelists & TECHHOUSE inspired by MOBILITY MOVES MINDS
Contact Dr. Barbara to reserve your individual book copy onsite: access

27. July 2021 Vienna

Like to join us for a book-meets-breakfast right at the heart of Vienna, the Opera House and right at the Sacher Hotel? Enjoy the complimentary coffee or tea specials at Cafe Museum and book your complimentary seat at the table with Dr. Barbara, Monika Herbstrith-Lappe, journalists and experts. English books will be onsite available, too, in case you are not hungry. 

Auf geht's zum Business Frühstück und Austausch. Achtung: die Buchung verlangt einen kleinen Beitrag, der zu 100% an die Kolleg*innen von Homeless Entrepreneur weitergegeben bzw. gespendet wird (nach Abzug der Kartengebühr). Bucherwerb ist möglich vor Ort!


22. - 25. July 2021 North America - Europe - Africa - Asia - AsiaPacific

Fifth Wave Blockchain Hackathon Food Insecurity turning physical into digital and digital into physical benefits by incorrporating mental mobility.

digital value creators (DVC)'s Dr. Barbara Flügge got invited to participate as Jury member. We enjoyed the startup pitches looking into the quality of proposed scenarios and cases. Great

15. July 2021 Zurich

Executive Roundtable Einladung zum Resilienz Zmorge Zürich
by invitation only

29. April 2021 Online

Executive Roundtable Einladung zum Resilienz Zmorge Online & Interaktiv by invitation only


13. October 2021 Vienna City (Deutsch)

1 unique format - 2 unique moderators - Mag.a Monika Herbstrith-Lappe is joining Dr. Barbara for the souvereignty workshop at a unique place. Erleben Sie Energie und das Momentum mit Barbara Flügge und Monika Herbstrith-Lappe in Wien. In Wien City werden wir den Workshop mit garantierter Langzeit-Wirkung am 13. Oktober 2021 durchführen. Anmeldung ist offen ab 20. Juni 2021 - Plätze sind begrenzt!

18. November 2021 Zurich City (Deutsch)

1 unique format - 2 unique moderators - Mag.a Monika Herbstrith-Lappe is joining Dr. Barbara for the souvereignty workshop at a unique place. Wir begrüssen Monika Herbstrith-Lappe - 14-fach ausgezeichnete Rednerin und wirkungsvolle Improvisateurin in der Schweiz! Dr. Barbara und Monika werden für Sie und mit Ihnen einen Workshop mit garantierter Langzeit-Wirkung gestalten. Anmeldung ist offen ab 20. Juni 2021 - Plätze sind begrenzt!