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by Dr. Barbara Flügge & digital value creators (DVC)

We understand that you are looking for an engagement and implementation framework that is dedicated to your business situation:
- setting up integrated product and services sales online
- time and labor intense business setup and operations planning
- lacking insights into roles and market options to grow faster
- the turning wheel is increasing your distance to markets.

You ask: How to digitize your business and your product / expertise and identify a scalable market entry within 2-3 months?

We offer a novel business engagement and business development format called "digital business modeling" and 3 pillars that successful transformers use, namely Prepare & Perform, Diversify & Multiply, and Empower & Anchor.

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What Digital Business Modeling does for you

You learn to experience the method of digital role modeling for your business and the impact on revenue and costs.
We run our unique Ecosystems Assessments, monitor your existing clients, identify new clients and partners. 
We will identify digital sweet spots and your digital role models. We help you make business in unknown markets.
We help you identify the relevant business operations and how to implement the core processes - digitally. 
You get on the job digitization training, so that you be ready and deliver in 2-3 months digitally.
You get an entry into our ABC Resilience Brands library - the library is open for our clients that run a digital business. You receive a free premium entry for 2 years effective your project start.
A podcast series of 3 episodes and a simplified physical-digital landing page help you communicate your success.
how we work with you
in the digital business modeling project
Textjuwelen Erfolg Barbara Flügge
  • Review & Design
  • You invest 240 minutes interaction: interview, coaching, review and evaluation
  • You invest 120 minutes for method and tool driven engagements
  • Our part:
  • Ecosystems analysis of stakeholders, influencers, partners, known and unknown players
  • Existing market analysis 
  • Role model analysis
  • Business operations review cycle
  • Application of selected DVC's own key performance indicators
  • We deliberately repeat exercises and analysis rounds, and herein collect as many insights and motifs as possible. If not done properly, relevant parameters and details could be easily overlooked.
  • We conduct 1 survey series with additional review cycle
Textjuwelen Erfolg Barbara Flügge
  • Identify & Simulate
  • You invest 240 minutes interaction: interview, coaching, review and evaluation
  • You invest 120 minutes for method and tool driven engagements
  • Our part:
  • Modeling markets for diversity
  • Diversify & Multiply embrace diversity in all options and positions. It concerns the diversity of teams, competences, prospects, markets, and products. We explore their fit to your business needs, organization & product requirements. 
  • Role model design phase
  • Digital and hybrid business operations co-creation collection as well as ideation of internal and external partnering options. DVC's Persona Profiling Setcards will facilitate the relationship design and network draft.
  • We deliberately repeat designs, twist them back and forth and do multi-sided business modeling. Otherwise, relevant parameters could be easily overlooked.
  • We conduct 1 survey series with additional review cycle 
Textjuwelen Erfolg Barbara Flügge
  • Calibrate & Adjust
  • You invest 120 minutes for review and finalization rounds.
  • You invest 120 minutes for presentation, handover and celebration time.
  • Our part:
  • Fostering self-paced intra-organizational setup and adjustments
  • Organizational readiness check
  • Scalability design for one to be identified market and its organizational dimensions resulting from Prepare & Perform, Diversify & Multiply, Empower & Anchor
  • 3 Recommendations to implement a Digital Business Operations
  • Implementation of one to be identified market 
  • Ideation of job profiling, hiring and job rotating recommendations
  • Competence build in existing team and recommendations to grow “from start to corporate” organization
  • 1 survey outcome
  • In total 540 minutes for documentary.
  • Handover of 1 formal report
  • 2-3 Calendar months of engagement

Digital business modeling is the ideal sister of business continuity management. Through the unique advisory, simultation and deployment steps that Dr. Barbara offers, we are able to project the next markets and draft our expansion strategy. With test markets and test users, so that we are ready for the operational and organizational design.

- Robert R., Chief Security Specialist

For the first time we plan ahead of time. We say good bye to shortsightedness. The digital roadmap kicks in and our 3 year planning and market entry / exit options - being it IPO, CPO, or co-opetition agreements.

- Business operations manager


Presetting & Booking

Presetting & Booking

Once aligned with what you need, you already benefit from working with us through our unique payment and setup plan.

In addition upon completion of the project, you will be eligible to join our unique service cooperation network.



Once booking confirmation is submitted, we plan the kick-off. It takes place as an online video call. We identify the first workshop and the necessary steps to setup the project.

You will submit to us your key visionary, mission relevant and business material. We setup the tools and prepare everything else. 

Analysis & Advisory Loops

Analysis & Advisory Loops

Advisory starts. Analysis activities take place. We wil be following the 3 steps: Prepare & Perform, Diversify & Multiply as well as Empower & Anchor.

Distinct rounds take place:   interviews, detailing, assessments, and planning. Business insights being retrieved from internal and external sources, our own research and your status quo. Activities will be captured in the Digital Business Modeling project plan.

Completion & Handover

Completion & Handover

Based on all previously conducted steps, the recommendation report and documentary phase takes care of the findings. They will be handed over in a written format.

The completion phase concludes the empowerment phase for you and the involved individuals and / or teams.

An empowerment coaching option help you follow up consequently the project moves. It will be exclusively provided to you.

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About Dr. Barbara & Your Team

We are a strategy-to-deployment expert team.
She advised more than 200 organizations,
from 5 days to 4.5 years implementation,
interim and engagement cycles.
We consult, moderate, act
and design momentum.

You gain momentum through tailor made and trend use cases.
We design disruptive business models. We market them
for clients and business partners. Over 180,000 experts,
project managers, and leaders  trust her words.
Her clients appreciate the easy collaboration
with Dr. Barbara, her, and your team.

Our goal is to equip small and medium-sized companies digitally
in the best possible way for digital marketing and digital sales.
"Size does not matter in the digital world wide web,"
so Dr. Barbara.

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