The Right Moves To Control Your Game.

digital value creators (DVC) and Dr. Barbara help you master the essential moves. We help you build a mission critical resilience repository of mental, physical, and digital assets. We identify with your teams what games are essential, necessary, irrelevant, waste of time. 

You simplify your business operations and master digital processing. In less than 2 minutes you sell your expertise digitally. Your economic vulnerability shrinks, you gain versatility about your position(s) in business webs. 
In times of change, turmoil, and limited resources, we look beyond the obvious and help you act.

Too much text? Words are necessary. Videos do not help to convince your management and investors.

With us, you mobilize yourself and your product, and ultimately your business.
We help you transform into a digital & mentally resilient business so that you be able to scale, manage, and control your growth.

Yes, you are facing times of change, turmoil, resource scarcity. We are experts from logistics, finance hedging, sustainability, digital, physical, and mental mobility sectors. We de-compose complexity through our methods and systems thinking. We help you gain back clarity and act.

You want to manage product logistics at zero-physical moves?
You want to benefit from your existing contacts and weave a safety net of growth?
You want to become a leader in your transforming sector?
You want to know how to benefit from an empathic, diverse work force?

Our clients are able to analyze, calculate, prevent risks, reduce financial hurdles, scale to 20 clients in one move, and digitize with a sustainable ROI.

What are you waiting for? Time to transform is now. Waiting is not an option anymore.
Book our 100% free first analysis call and tell us what you are up to.

Dr. Barbara Flügge
Founder, Chief Resilience & Mobility Officer - digital value creators (DVC)

Let's face it. Uphill skiing is not fun.

You packed your bag, but the slope turns out to be steeper than you calculated.

Risks, competitors, disrupting unseen offerings pop up every day. You want the success to stay and make the right moves to work for 2030 or 2050 - what about the moves you make in 2022?

You managed the thread of competition, but the disturbance is growing by unknown sources.

How do you keep your longterm strategy plans, finanical assets working and making people stay in a digital job and changing workplace environment?

Ripple effects destroy the promise you gave your clients - the promise to deliver your product on-time and in budget.

Who pays for delays? Who pays if your client move into a distinct position - digitally, physically, in the business network you have not access to your client? What if your product is not the burner any more?

You have a vague feeling that your customers are no longer where you think they are. 

You add extra workload to get the promise executed. You add energy to keep your team selling. You add extra mileage to be present. How much did you already invest in feeding your sales appetite of "knowing the customer"?

Abel concludes in the movie Bridge of Spies: "What's the next move if you don't know what the game is?"

Be clear about your options, so that you master faster sales to markets.

That is why you get digital value creators (DVC) on your side. We destilled from our 60+ years multi-industry, digitization and zero-logistics expertise the fundamental needs to grow: BEST MOVES 3 programs that help you focus. 
BEST MOVES are now available for you.
BEST MOVES offer KPIs to perform, growth patterns to multiply, product services to diversify, 26 analytical methods, sales & scalability wisdom trainings to simply do it (scale).

Downhill skiing is much more fun than uphill skiing!

- Dr. Barbara and Fons in exchange.

What you can expect

digital value creators help you master your moves in your game through a set of proven methods, tools, and experts.
digital value creators (DVC) help you scope out the games of others by demystifying complexity and dependencies.
You get to know what games are essential, necessary, irrelevant, waste of time. We co-create your digital market portfolio.
We identify what positions to take. We educate you in role modeling and how adhoc position shifts impact your economic constructs.
We help you simplify your business operations and master digital processing. In less than 2 minutes you will sell your expertise digitally.
You increase your reach. You sell more. You will be less dependent on incidents and lower the economic vulnerability.
What you can expect from our BEST MOVES 2022 PROGRAM see below.



  • Get to know the 9 Business Designs to Grow Now
  • Strategy Consulting - Certification Options Available
  • Inhouse & Community Teams
  • Physical-Digital incl. Card Game & Playbook
  • Category: Physical & Digital Business Modeling

Cross-company modeling guaranteed


  • Enjoy & Master 26 Cases and Brands to Lean On 
  • Resilience Training for People, Purpose, Products 
  • Individual & Company Enablement
  • Hybrid Self-Paces - Blended & Custom Made ABC
  • Category: Resilience Gamification

Pick one letter or take all 26


  • Apply the 7 Pillars that help you withstand 
  • Holistic Business Transformation Advisory & Execution
  • Crisis Prevention & Business Growth Foundation
  • Onsite - Online - Seminars - Key Notes
  • Category: Dynamic Change Enabler, Emotion Booster  

7 Pillars for Resilient Organisms

Our Carry-ons

  • Carry-on Wisdom
  • Serving Your Needs when You Need It 
  • 100% Sustainable
  • Hybrid Physical-Digital - Coaching
  • Category: Individual, Team & Business Development

You benefit from our 60+ years in hybrid businesses

What you can expect

digital value creators (DVC)'s advisory and tools help you master your game.
We serve people and products.



Discovering design options for your product portfolio and creating right-channel resilient offerings that are consumer targeted, trend setting value offerings. Serving local markets and digital-physical networks.

Your expertise pays off. Your product goes live in ecosystems with a cost savvy, logistics-downsized digital backbone.

You work with proven, market tested, and innovative methodologies and tools, and creative experts with a global partner network.


how you BENEFIT
Deriving mission critical actions from clarity you gained alongside economic, digital, sustainable, operational, volatility, finance and social dimensions. E.g. resource (energy, oil, soil) dependencies shrink.

You help your company growing into service driven market positions with zero-logistics, combining product expertise with digital service sales systems.

You work with a creative, clarity & complexity loving mindset from industry and cross-industry expertise, high tech, disruption, finance and sourcing experts.

Human resources & empowerment coaches


Training your workforce in digital and mental mobility, with a holistic resilient framework that masters the matchmaking of jobs, competence, mental strength, local & global markets. Creating a memory of successful actions instead of action-free meetings.

You empower mindshifts and anchor diversity through socio-technological safety nets.

You work with pioneers of disruptive work and engagement models that live(d) diversity and open innovation in SMEs and global corporations.


Each move is set to help your unique business growing again. We work with our own methodology and tools
that we applied in very diverse environments.
Tell us about the UNIQUENESS YOU DESERVE. Email us.


With us, you mobilize your people and your company. We are proud that you speak up.

DVC's in-depth knowledge in the field of consulting and change management were instrumental for the success of the transformation workshop and the alignment of cross-organizational viewpoints. Smart Mobility caught our attention. We therefore invited them back to present at the #LetsClusterFestival and in 2021 to run the resilience seminar.

Christina Henrich

Marketing & Communications Lead
TECHHOUSE, formerly Silicon.Alps

DVC accompanies Intusdata and its clients in many ways: the course series about Digitalization for auditors and the Virtual CFO. At our Intusdata  annual event, Dr. Flügge illustrated as keynote speaker Leonardo Da Vinci's influence on  fiduciary business and future opportunities. DVC enriches our series of professional articles with  use cases, project know-how and positioning suggestions.

Sacha Briggen

CEO intusdata

Dr. Barbara Flügge & DVC bring in deep knowledge and experience transforming business and organizations and I recommend her to you without reservation. 

Gerhard Greiner

Managing Director Alp.Lab

Resilient people see the glass half full, not half empty. It's all about believing in yourself, and finding your strengths. It is about responding to obstacles with flexibility. Don’t take “no” for an answer. Find your way, and get ahead of obstacles. There are always new doors to open.
Thank you for  'A Story to Tell'

Shelley Zalis

Founder & CEO
The Female Quotient

I experienced Dr. Barbara in a coaching session where she proved to be an excellent listener. With her background in leadership and her sharp mind she was discussing several professional trajectories with me and facilitated deep reflection on potential options. Her expertise in different business roles makes her a very good coach, especially when it comes to talent development in high-growth organizations and the challenges start-up companies have to face when they are scaling up their business.


Executive Management Trainer, Paris

Dr. Barbara supported and helped me through many transitions in my career - may it be moving into a new role or relocating to another country. Her advise and guidance has always helped me to excel. Providing me with a sounding board for important decisions, her ability to listen carefully and then provide recommendations for actions is very considerate.

Patricia Fabian

Director Strategic Projects
CTO Office, Scotiabank

Awaiting your feedback

Awaiting your feedback


We share the same mindset of clear communication, innovative and creative turnaround management. DVC is mastering the product-as-a-service business. They will be helping us reaching digital clients in our novel crypto and airline business.

Eddy W.



We do not spend a lot of words on our own trajectory.
We rather speak about how your business could reach the markets it deserves.
Though, we understand that you as VISITOR TO OUR WEBSITE are keen to find out more about us before working with us.
WELCOME TO digital value creators, short DVC, DEAR VISITOR.

digital value creators (DVC)
* founded 19.2.19 by Dr. Barbara Flügge, SAP veteran, Silicon Valley startup, strategy consulting and connected industry expert.
* DVC provides a digital, sustainable home for any product owner and businesses that offer a physical product.
* Its purpose is to enable you, so that you transform product, product expertise, or both into a digital value.
* You turn into a digital value creator togethwer with your products and partners.
* We hlep you transform, grow, benefit from diversity and resilience and become game changers.

You find insights about us in the #MOBILITYMOVESMINDS growth study book. It captures 7 roadmaps ahead of you grow your personal and business resilience.
You meet us in book reading, speaking sessions, on our tour, in our DVC Growth & Wachstum podcast channel - among the Top 10 in business in Switzerland,
in the Springer Books, in our community of 180.000 mobility movers.
You find the traces of our work in success stories that our clients launch about their successes, learnings, and progresses.

In our ABOUT section you find more about Dr. Barbara's personal career moves.

Our TEAM is spread over Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Serbia, and India.
We partner with like minded pioneers in Spain, South Africa and the USA.
We hold strong startup relationships with Norway, Germany and Switzerland, and founders from physical, virtual and digital business spaces.
We are a recognized member of the German Digital Advisory Board Members and are SAP and industry veterans.
We are the marketplace advisor to #HomelessEntrepreneur, a non-for-profit organization.

We launched recently A STORY TO TELL to help you stand out of the crowd with your personality.
Mrs. Shelley Zalis, Dr. Ralf Helbig and very new Mr. Jason Velasco are and will be standing out.

We serve your business from any industry.
Any industry, because industry lines blur and your heritage and expertise deserves a greater market than you are in right now.

Below you find the four CORE VALUES we live up to.


Much has been written and said about the analytical capacity and the ecosystems approach of digital value creators (DVC) and Dr. Barbara.

Let's face it:
Your business and expertise
will have everywhere
a chance to grow again.



We are convinced that creativity is mission critical when working in competing, shrinking, environments that confront traditions with disruptions.

We are creative in breaking up thinking structures and
mediate conflicts.

Creativity is an element you find in any of our tools, even in the 30 KPI framework for digital business modeling.



We operate in a modest and trustworthy manner. Insights that are shared with us, are kept within.

Trends we set and get to know from our premium network are shared with our clients first. You come first.



Dr. Barbara started advising companies and institutes early on while studying.

Dr. Barbara's passion is characterized as  "resilient, positive, empathic, engaging, shiny, convincing." You see it reflected in the clients, experts and partners that work with her.

digital value creators (DVC) is the home of passionate game changers, proudly established 19 2 19 in Switzerland. 


Dr. Barbara Fluegge

Mobilizing People and Organizations

Over 170.000 experts, project managers, learners, innovators, teams, and executives trust Dr. Barbara's advice as growth expert, speaker, coach.
* 25 years in the digitization & growth arena
* serving startups, Big 5, high tech, product companies, communities, corporates, onsite and with carry-on ABC resilience & wisdom tools
* applied science, logistics, connected systems 
* SAP veteran

digital value creators 

Growing since 19 2 19

The clients that digital value creators (DVC) serves become digital value creators themselves.

Our clients influence their clients and their partners. It's all connected.

DVC invests time to ideate the optimal model, empower you, your staff and execute it. That is why we keep moving - physically, digitally, and mentally.

Why 15 minutes count to make the moves

We are here to serve your PURPOSE of why you are serving your clients in a unique way. Before you
decide to work us, we like to know more about
you and your expectations. We like to know
the why to help you design the what
and execute the HOW.

To discover the HOW,
schedule a 100% free of charge info call with Dr. Barbara.