Introducing digital value creators (DVC)

digital value creators (DVC) helps companies to become digital value creators of their own
The difficulty in the markets of 21st century is that corporate leaders are facing
multi-sided obstacles, challenges, and disturbance
by training all 3 dimensions of socio-digital leadership skills
so that you succeed in the 21st century and give back a future to your successors

1 creating outstanding offerings across business domains
2 leading with a social value driven mindset
3 understanding impact of disruptive technologies to be able to up-& cross-sell existing knowhow

Let's be conscious about your future

Clarity is needed to thrive growth.

digital value creators (DVC) Services & R-Tool measure up your potential and detect the gaps.

So that your organization becomes
a resilient organization.

So that you, the leaders, succeed in the Services Business in your install base and in new markets.

Sincerely, Dr. BARBARA Flügge

IMD & INSEAD Alumna, Tilburg University PhD., Dipl. Wirtsch-Inf. Bamberg

Dr. Barbara - how clients call her - offers with her team you premium advisory services, so that they help you to shorten the distance from trends to scalability to reduce efforts to sell in ideal, known and newl markets.   

Our team and experts 
digital value creators (DVC) offers you a high profile expert team in the field of sustainability, ecosystems assessments & green deal, data analytics, servitization, artificial intelligence, creative intelligence and art. We develop tools and services to turn market opportunities into market access.
digital value creators (DVC) partners are based in strategic physical and digital markets in Europe, Americas, Africa and Australia.  

Get to know Dr. Barbara
Barbara is a bestselling author with more than 50.000 usage rates for her topic books and more than 170.000 readers for her compendiums. She has an instinct and the creativity that helps you grow better and faster by fostering your thinking and designing viable offerings.

Since graduating with a degree in Business Information Systems and a PhD in Management & Economics, Dr. Barbara Flügge has made a career from deciphering the most complex issues faced by companies across every industry and geography. Her instincts, knowledge and experience – in tandem with incisive network analysis - combine to support companies in positioning and role modeling digital and analog solutions.

A digitalization expert and board advisor with a worldwide reputation for networked ecosystem-wide transformation and implementation, Barbara will apply her 20 years of c-suite experience as she dives into your company challenges, before supporting you to reach new heights of success.

Weaving safety nets and growth paths for future-focused businesses, while engaging and motivating workforces, the Mobility Moves Minds program challenges competition and stagnation, building global networks, identifying new markets, and securing future stability.

Working with Barbara and team is unbelievable easy. We are resilient positivists with a seismographic feeling and a systems-driven analytical mindset telling what goes right & what goes wrong. A strategy advisory and coaching team that focuses solely on deployment and empowerment - you will forget that you hired McKinsey & others in the past. 

Our experience is based on our assignments with and for the following: Grundig Spain & Germany Siemens Healthcare Germany & USA ConMoto ArthurAndersen Management PriceWaterhouse USA diAx CH Ciba Specialty Chemicals CH & Benelux & Scotland Kärntner Sparkasse Joanneum Research Montblanc IBM USA & Hungary & Germany SwissRe Hamburg Port Authority T-Systems Deutsche Telekom Taiwan Ports Corporation Quebec Port Authority IDC Ariba Inc. ABB Aventis Volkswagen Daimler BMW Audi Hidden Champions & Startups SAP Germany & Switzerland & Global Ecosystems EU UN/CEFACT WTO Continents Countries Cities Regions Industries Innovation Campus Labs Things Assets Products Services Standards APIs ERPs and above all teams units talents evangelists influencers government relations talents executives human beings and more than ever YOU - having worked for you so that you jump high and land safe

Get  started in 3 essential offerings

Option 1

  • define your organizational field
  • mark your position
  • let others tell you what counts
  • follow the traits of resilience

You will get the first insights into resilience in less than 10 minutes

We created the assessment so that you do not waste any minute 

Option 2
Valuation Package 

  • discuss your findings with our experts
  • clarify and refine your resilience capacity
  • identify future fields in your company 
  • design your plan to grow outside
  • study the program and the 17 live examples
  • 90 minutes live & empowered advisory
  • bonus: valuation conducted by our experts
  • bonus: get the book for free

Limited availability of 10 Packages

Option 3
Resilience Scoring 

  • power scoring for you & your company
  • we will be applying our Resilience ABC - a unique tool that scores resilience in 26 instances for teams, departments, experts, and leaders
  • we help you identify your chances and obstacles and how to maneuver into growth fields
  • we jointly design the top 1 business fields
  • we help you connect back with your staff 
  • moderated sessions for up to 18 participants
  • 180 minutes live & empowered advisory
  • bonus: premium documentary & summary
  • bonus: get 5 complimentary books & material

Your Company Resilience Scoring


digital value creators jump high and land save with Dr. Barbara Flügge

Prepare & Perform

Discover, Disrupt, Decide

We kick off the product performance check.
The check clears the sky. We identify the clutter. Instead of lengthy concepts, be prepared for a 360° status quo assessment.
Our 30 DVC KPIs facilitate the process.

Diversify & Multiply

Should you stay or should you go

You work with our 9 Business Designs Model, covering your product portfolio, seize ecosystems, dive into servitization. You leave non-performing markets, design new flight routes and landmarks where to settle and when to partner.

Empower & Anchor

Towards the Sun

We land at the heliport, you and your staff. Individually & fully contextualized we drive the go lives. A successful mix of self-paced online courses, live advisory, and situational ad-hoc coaching help you anchor, scale, and succeed.

Barbara Flügge Unplugged

as crazy as it sounds, it turns true

watch the little movie about the core elements

as book buyer you will get access to the program
make use of the launch special and click the box =>

build and grow again as a business

The Mobility Moves Minds program is a masterclass in market growth for game-changing Executives.

The brainchild of digital value creators’ founder and bestselling author, Dr. Barbara Flügge – this program primes forward-looking companies to achieve their potential in a limitless global and digital marketplace.

Weaving safety nets and growth paths for future-focused businesses, while engaging and motivating workforces, Barbara Flügge Unplugged program wipes out competition and stagnation, helps you build global networks, helps you identify new markets, so that your future is safer than ever before.