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You spend a bunch of money to identify your business & product portfolio.
You spent even more money to do a proper communication.
Still your brand value diminishes.
Still your customers find it hard to know what your company name stands for.

The ABC Resilience tells you how to detect the value behind your brand, enhance it and make sure that the money you spent is wisely allocated

The ABC Resilience answers your burning questions how to become 21st century well-prepared company
- how to move from physical to digital products
- where obstacles block your entry to new markets
- how to ignite the cognitive flexibility of your staff 
- what to communicate to your customers and prospects

The ABC RESILIENCE TOOL is pre-configured with 26 leading and hidden brands
You ignite your brand value and kick-off the internal progres.
You matchmake your business value with mental power.

Ideal for product managers and innovators: you ideate & deploy 10 times faster
Ideal for marketing and communications: you enhance the brand value with a compelling new message method.
Ideal for leaders: you get your staff behind by making your brand "recognizable" again.

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Dr. Barbara Flügge